What does the first owner of the new 3.5t ultra-light truck say?

The proud owner of our new ultralight truck Pieter Geldof says:
„We have choosen VEIT 3.5t ultralight, because this truck was the first truck we’ve found that was meeting our requirements!“

„For the first time we talked about the truck was at the exhibition in Hannover last year. We needed a truck to transport each time about 20,000 chicks to the airport to export mainly to Africa without being overloaded.“

New ultralight 3.5 tons truck

„The strongest points that made us deciding to choose for VEIT were: principle of ventilation, easy to clean, high cooling capacity, first truck that could load up to 20,000 chicks without being overloaded. Based on these facts and thanks to good connection between both companies, the decision was made quite fast.“

Nowadays is the VEIT 3.5t ultralight truck fully in service of its owner, Geldof poultry products, so did not Pieter change his mind?

„Even during our first journey was everything very good, we followed up the transport in the tracking system and everything worked perfectly. The truck is mainly operating in Belgium, France and Netherlands and we use it for delivering the chicks to the airport of course.

New ultralight 3,5 tons truck

The big advantage for us is that with this 3,5 truck we don’t need to pay the taxes on the highway in this way. At the airport we often need to wait before unloading, as the VEIT truck is fully automised with ventilation/heating/cooling we can keep the chicks in optimal conditions.

New ultralight 3,5 tons truck

From our side we were already convinced of the VEIT 3.5 from the very beginning, and in the meantime it’s been proven during the first summermonths we’re driving with the car.“

If you want to meet Pieter Geldof in person and see this unique VEIT 3.5t ultra-light truck with yours own eyes, don't hesitate and visit our stand at SPACE fair in Rennes.

When: September 12-15, 2017
Where: booth F134, Hall 10 , Rennes, France

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