Head office

VEIT Electronics
Modřická 52
664 48 Moravany
Czech Republic

GPS: 49.145258, 16.586535

Business hours: working days 7:00 – 15:30

tel: +420 545 235 252
24/7 service helpline: +420 530 502 590
(for emergency situations with VEIT trucks only)

for general questions/enquiries
sales department
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The VEIT crew consists of ca. 60 employees today. In such a number it is easy to know each other well. We are lucky to have a friendly group which is good not only for us, but also for the results of our work. Meet our team:

Milan Veit
Visionary founder and director of the company. Flexible and fair. A real self­made man in the best sense of the word with a very sharp sense of humor.
Petr Veit
Perfectionist through and through. Representing the new generation, he runs the family business with his father. As the director of the company he, among other things, works on the improvement of the continual technological progress of VEIT products.
Svatopluk Žák
+420 727 836 970
Our sales manager of chick-transport vehicles is a very pleasant companion – jolly, communicative, always smiling and optimistic. Which is all just an added bonus to his professional skills – in the world of VEIT highly specialized electronic products, he knows the technical field like the back of his hand. Interested in receiving our offer? He is the right person to contact.
Gerrit Polman
+31 (0) 636595637
Operating from the Netherlands Gerrit is a market manager of chick-transport vehicles for Western Europe. With long-standing experience in the field of transport vehicles he is highly technically proficient. You will enjoy his company as he is every inch a gentleman and every inch professional.
Andrea Bednářová
+420 728 483 403
Positively tuned and resposible Andrea works tirelessly as Customer & Support Specialist for BAT scales. Whether you need further information, prepare a quote or an order of the scales, Andrea will be happy to help you. Andrea is also in charge of after-sales service of your BAT scales, so do not hesitate to contact her if you need any service or help.

VEIT service team responsible for the service of VEIT vehicles answering the 24/7 helpline +420 530 502 590:

Petr Hudec
Precise and reliable, level-headed in all circumstances. Petr has been part of the VEIT team from its very beginning.
Pavel Nešpor
A guy with gumption who is always ready to give a helping hand.

If you would like to become part of our team, please visit the JOBS section

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