Feel the Heat? So Do Your Day-Old Chicks!



At VEIT Electronics, we prioritize the efficiency of our vehicles to ensure your chicks stay cool, even in the peak of summer.


Here are key areas to check on your vehicle’s cooling and ventilation systems, as recommended by Ladislav Krejčí, one of our servicemen:

  • Ventilator Vigilance: Inspect the mechanical parts and clear any blockages in the condenser fans and cargo area vents.


  • Flap Functionality: Test all ventilation system flaps for smooth operation.


  • Engine & Compressor Check: Perform a detailed visual inspection of the engine and compressors.


  • Consumables Overview: Evaluate the lifespan and condition of all system consumables.


  • Full System Test: Activate the cooling to its lowest setting to ensure it operates flawlessly without any error alerts.

As Virág trans, enhance your maintenance routine with regular inspections from VEIT specialists. Our team ensures everything is in perfect working order, replacing consumables as needed to maintain 100% functionality.

Schedule your next inspection effortlessly via our customer portal: https://veit.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/4/group/-1

Stay Calm & Beat the Heat with VEIT! Prepare your fleet to deliver performance when it matters most.


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