Day-old chick vehicles

Cooperation with Cobb – evolving internationally
Six VEIT vehicles currently used by Dekkers Transport
CPF proves VEIT vehicles in extreme Asia-Pacific climate
Aviagen´s chicks travel with VEIT

And many other customers

S.Cargo Kft. (Hungary)

"Every day we transport thousands of just-hatched chickens for our partners such as Aviagen Hungary. We need the most reliable trucks on the market for this delicate and valuable cargo. That is why we chose VEIT" - Benedek Skuba, CEO

Putenzucht Miko (Austria)

“We have been transporting our most valuable day-old poults by VEIT´s vehicles with second generation ventilation system for more than one year and we are really excited about the results.” – Wolfgang Miko

Vervaeke-Belavi (Belgium)

“Our customers are more than satisfied when we deliver the day-old chicks by the VEIT truck. Moreover, in our experience the VEIT EcoTransport technology represents a good return on investment.” - Lieven Coghe 

Efrochei (Israel)

26-ton Scania chassis, capacity of 88 400 day-old chicks and some extra accessories. That´s the first VEIT truck transporting day-old chicks in Israel! Demanding Israeli climate conditions will prove quality of VEIT technology.

Whitaker Group (Ireland)

VEIT 7.5 made for max. capacity of 18 900 day-old turkeys was handed over to the largest supplier of turkeys in Ireland after you could see the vehicle exhibited at the British Pig & Poultry Fair.

Cedrob (Poland)

Two brand new vehicles in one delivery - VEIT 26 and 40. That makes 8 VEIT vehicles in Cedrob fleet! We thank to one of our very best customers for their fidelity!

Putenzucht MIKO (Austria)

The only turkey hatchery in Austria decided for VEIT 18 this time. Two vehicles were delivered at one time.

Duck-Tec Brüterei (Germany)

VEIT 5 (truck) fully equipped with a lifting platform and VEIT trolleys was made for transport of day-old ducks.

Poultry scales

BAT2 wired application at Hybrid Turkeys
BAT1 at Cobb-Vantress
BAT2 with wireless communication at Eiermacher
VEIT scales in Ishii Co., Japan

And many other customers

PJSC Myronivsky Hliboproduct (Ukraine)

The leader in the Ukrainian poultry market got 9 manual poultry scales BAT1.

Amazon Manufacturing Corporation (Philippines)

More than 50 manual scales BAT1 with carry cases were delivered to Amazon Manufacturing Corporation!

Brüterei Süd (Germany)

Brüterei Süd takes not only VEIT vehicles but also VEIT manual scales BAT1 with portable printers.

Janker Agrartechnik (Austria)

Janker Agrartechnik orders two automatic scales BAT2 with external sensors and platforms for turkeys.

Cobb Germany

Repeated delivery of special accessories for BAT1 – additional sorting lights and external battery sets for faster and longer operating weighing.

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