VEIT North America

Veit North America


Establishing of VEIT NA

VEIT Electronics established a branch office in North America in the state of North Carolina, obviously named VEIT North America. In addition to the long-term dealership of the VEIT poultry scales BAT through Farm Weigh Systems, this branch office will serve as a sales, assembly and service point for VEIT day-old chick trucks.


“I have been cooperating with VEIT for 14 years, selling BAT poultry scales which have proven reliable and are always one step ahead. I convinced myself about the same with day-old chick vehicles few years ago. That is why we decided to expand our business with VEIT day-old chick vehicles. “

Dwain Johnson, the President of VEIT North America

  Dwain Johnson, Veit North America

The best from European technology integrated into US trucks and standards


IPPE 2017 – the fateful encounter

The first VEIT truck was presented at IPPE in 2017 in Atlanta.

 Veit North America and the firts day-old chick truck


The original plan was to lend a DEMO truck to interested visitors, but this never happened. Instead, representatives from Select Genetics (part of Aviagen) were pleasantly surprised by this truck and so the truck went directly from the Atlanta exposition to the new owner - Willmar hatchery.


Hybrid Turkeys, Hendrix Genetics

Mr. Tom Knapp from Hybrid Turkeys consulting all the details with Gerrit Polman, our Product Manager


Outfitting fleet for Hendrix Genetics North America

Another contract came a few months ago, when Hybrid Turkeys (part of Hendrix Genetics) ordered nine trailers for their new fleet to serve their newly built hatcheries.


“Although the Czech Republic based Veit is a new North American logistics partner for Hendrix Genetics, they have a proven track record of delivering top quality poults, for distributors around the world; including Hendrix Genetics in Europe. Their advanced technology, Co2 and temperature monitoring as well as superior air flow, were standout features that attracted the Hendrix Genetics North America team.”


“Delivery of top quality poults is of utmost importance to Hendrix Genetics, which is why they have chosen to work with global leaders Veit and Heering. Veit and Heering trailers have leading technology to ensure proper airflow, Co2 levels, temperature, and poult comfort regardless of the external elements or time in transport. “

The entire article can be read on the Hendrix Genetics web

 Veit superstructure for Hendrix Genetics

Loading of the superstructure onto the trailer for shipping


IPPE 2018 – change of poultry logistics


VEIT superstructure on Cheetah chassis

The first trailer out of nine for Hybrid Turkeys.



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Everything is taken care of, you can contact the native representative right now:

Dwain Johnson
M: 704 597 55 13
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Flying over the oceans, taking care of smooth running of the business:

Gerrit Polman
Product Manager
M: +31 636 595 637
O: 704 753 4300

VEIT North America, 4100 Whispering Pines Dr, Marshville, NC 28103


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