Our 2023 & Journey Forward



I'd like to take this time to look back on the year behind us and share our vision for the future. Last year at VEIT Electronics, we saw a lot of growth, resilience, and new ideas.


First, I'd like to thank our sales team for landing a stunning number of new orders, strengthening our presence in existing markets, and breaking into new ones. Despite the global challenges facing the industry, we've stayed committed to delivering top-notch vehicles for your day-old poultry.


Looking back, it's clear that our journey has been shaped by constant innovation. We've introduced some unique features like double cooling, automated power management, and our easy-to-use VEIT Pilot control system. It's been great seeing your trust in these, and I can’t wait to see more people benefit from them.


Our success has not come without its challenges, however. The overwhelming demand for our products has put significant pressure on our production capabilities. In response, we are now focusing on expanding and strengthening our company further. We continue to upgrade our production processes and fortify our production team, ensuring that we are well-equipped to meet your needs more effectively. These changes are ongoing, and we are excited to see the long-term improvements they will have.


Your feedback has been helpful in this journey. Learning how our vehicles are used in the field and what you think about their features and safety has guided our innovations and improvements.


As 2024 rolls in, we stay committed to you. We're here to offer products and services that not only meet but exceed your expectations.


Thanks for being with us on this journey. We wish you a thriving and successful new year! All the best to you and yours,


Petr Veit

Owner, VEIT Electronics


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