Satisfied customers – that’s what we are aiming for

The recent British Pig & Poultry Fair in the UK confirmed yet again that VEIT’s focus on satisfied customers is the right approach.


“After customers gain a positive experience and learn how we treat their needs, requirements and possible problems, they become really confident in our products. As I always say, having customers who don’t buy just once, but come back and want to order more, that’s the best thing that can happen. That’s our aim!”, says Petr Veit, CEO of VEIT Electronics.


This is obviously the case for our existing British and Irish customers as well as new partners that VEIT recently acquired. It started with the Irish company Whitaker Group, which ordered a VEIT 12 truck two years ago. During the Pig & Poultry Fair in Stoneleigh they signed another contract for a new 3.5t Ultralight truck.


Joe O’Gorman, managing director at Whitaker Group while signing the purchase contract for the second truck


The Ultralight has been VEIT’s bestseller in recent years and it is now ready to prove its quality also to customers in Ireland.

It was no coincidence that the contract was signed inside a VEIT 26 truck delivered to Hy-line UK one year ago.


Hy-Line management with the first truck delivered by VEIT at the Pig & Poultry Fair


After this truck proved how efficient and reliable VEIT’s Triple Protection is, the managing director of Hy-Line UK, Omead Serati, faced no dilemma when choosing who was going to deliver the next DOC truck for their Millennium Hatchery.

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