2nd generation ventilation


 A perfect ground to build upon

A highly optimised ventilation system has always been the core of our vehicles. Every single chick gets the right amount of filtered, conditioned and CO2 monitored air. What´s more, VEIT´s unique concept of air moving from the top down brings many advantages that go far beyond the ventilation itself.




 2nd generation ventilation

Our new updated ventilation system inherits all the unique features of its successful predecessor, refines them and extend them to employ natural physical phenomena such as convection or various modes of airflow. This further increases temperature uniformity, decreases power requirements and simplifies the design.







 How have we achieved this?

Detailed computer simulations we carried out together with the Technical university provided us with valuable knowledge needed to develop and realize the 2nd generation ventilation. We used the university´s 560-processor supercomputer to test more than 80 ventilation designs. To feed the supercomputer with the initial conditions it was essential to mathematically describe the new ideas as well as the precious cargo and its behaviour itself.







 The results: speaking for themselves

If the original successful design provides fully sufficient and reliable transport conditions, then the second generation´s results are just perfect. Still lower requirements and increased safety margin are the two fantastic goals achieved. The 2nd generation ventilation has been successfully tested by major transport companies for over a year. Now it is ready and available to you. 










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