Visit us at VIV Europe 2018!

Dear customers and business partners,

We would like to invite you to visit our booth number 11.G10 at the VIV Europe 2018 fair.


Come discuss current trends, our projects and new products. 

Day-old chick vehicles



Come for some first-hand experience of what our motto “first class travel” actually stands for:

It means comfort for the drivers and chicks as well: now introducing an auxiliary motor with the “AutoStart” feature, allowing the driver to pre-set the temperature and let the system take care of the rest.

The chicks will appreciate our 24V power supply for the ventilation system, which has been optimised in accordance with the laws of nature. The result is a pleasant climate without noisy turbines, combined with thermal and acoustic comfort. This fresh air supply and circulation system has three back-ups, too.


Check out the story behind the vehicle you will see on display at the VIV Europe fair. Take me there.


BAT poultry scales



Our booth will also showcase our BAT poultry scales. You know, the scales that have a hugely positive impact on your business and just about every farmer’s profits. Do you want to know how? Come see for yourselves – we are looking forward to meeting you there. Everything you need to know about weighing can be found in our new brochure.


Learn about all BAT poultry scales in one place, in our new brochure. Read the brochure.


Satisfied customers, nothing less



As a manufacturer of one-day-old chick vehicles, we are fully aware of our responsibility. We never let our customers down. Fairs are always a good place for pleasant meetings. We had a few of those at the recent “Pig & Poultry” fair.

Meet some of our satisfied and loyal customers and learn about our common story. It could be your story, too. You can transport your chicks in a first-class environment.

I want to get to know VEIT’s satisfied customers.


We are looking forward to meeting you there.


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To minimize the risks of spread of Covid-19, VEIT company has decided to take some measures to protect the health of our employees and maintain our production as smooth as possible.

We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021!

The BAT 1 poultry scale comes with an easy tool to monitor the fleshing score.

We have a pleasure to introduce officially our service partner in France, company Repar Froid.

VEIT is looking for new partners willing to become one of us and to distribute the BAT poultry scales worldwide.

We are proud to announce our cooperation with the French company Repar Froid.

VEIT Electronics has been proudly participated at the Grand opening of the new Beresford Hatchery in USA.

VIV Europe is over, but that is just the beginning of the truck’s story.