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To optimize their flocks, more and more highly competitive poultry operations look beyond daily weight averages and use individual bird weights to generate more insightful reports. This information can also be used to designate specific groups of birds and track their progress. Since collecting this level of data manually would be impossible, the BAT2 Air uses an automated system to reduce the workload. On top of that, the BAT2 Air is also equipped with a long-range radio transmitter to deliver this information to your central server up to over 6 miles away without the need for cables or a GSM connection. By default, we can collect and process this data for you as part of our BAT Cloud solution. Prefer to keep your data in house? No problem. We can set the system up to work with your own ERP system.



The BAT2 Air’s long-range wireless technology can transmit your weight readings up to 6 miles away. Once a reading is taken the scale sends the data to a central hub. The hub then uses the internet to either upload it to our BAT Cloud service for processing or send the data to your own ERP, which we will help you set up and connect beforehand. After that, you’re ready to start taking advantage of those added insights about your flocks.



+ Transfer data without the need for cables or GSM

+ Records individual bird weights, as well as daily statistics and transmits it all to the cloud or your ERP

+ Can accommodate customized data sets to meet your needs 

+ Wireless data transfer range: up to 6 miles

+ Collect up to 1,900 weight readings per day

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