Try out VEIT demo truck

VIV Europe is over, but that is just the beginning of the truck’s story.

Now, you have the opportunity to test this demo truck:

  • The brand-new DAF XF 106.480.
  • The latest VEIT technology with the capacity of 88 400 chicks
  • For ambient temperature from – 35 to + 44 °C
  • Triple protected transport
  • Comfort for drivers and chicks

Contact us and you can start writing the story of the truck with us!

Gerrit Polman
+31 636 595 637

Svatopluk Žák
+420 727 836 970

Try out our demo truck and travel first class!


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We wish you Happy Holidays and all the best in 2022!

"Every day we transport thousands of just-hatched chickens for our partners such as Aviagen Hungary."