Poultry scales for professionals

The most user-friendly poultry scales on today´s market with well thought out functions suit everybody – from small farmers to globally known poultry companies. VEIT scales boast advanced functions and yet are intuitive to work with.


Manual poultry scales BAT1

Get all the info that you need to know about your population! Average weights, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, uniformity, histograms, graphs and more.

Automatic poultry scales BAT2

No need to calculate anything on your own. With sophisticated PC/online software VEIT scales do it all for you automatically. Great scalability options for large farms.

Main benefits

Easy to work with

Enjoy the comfort! Every detail of the scales' hardware and software is designed for a smooth workflow giving exact results in the shortest time.

Automatic data processing

No need to calculate anything on your own. VEIT scales do it all for you automatically and instantly. You can do even more with our sophisticated PC software.

Increase your productivity

Each professional must have professional tools. With a VEIT scale you will get all kinds of data on your poultry population so you can always make the right decision.

One scale for all birds

Whether a day-old chick or a heavy turkey, one VEIT scale is good enough for all types and weight categories of birds.

BAT software

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Fair trades are the best chance to see VEIT products live, meet our team in person and ask anything that you are interested in.

VEIT is looking for new partners willing to become one of us and to distribute the BAT poultry scales worldwide.

We are proud to announce our cooperation with the French company Repar Froid.

VEIT Electronics has been proudly participated at the Grand opening of the new Beresford Hatchery in USA.

VIV Europe is over, but that is just the beginning of the truck’s story.