Comfort for users

Providing comfort for the chicks is crucial, providing comfort for the people who work with the chicks is the added value - added security and reduced cost.


VEIT aims to offer comfort for the drivers during everyday operation with the vehicle and comfort for the technicians who are responsible for service and maintenance. This means less stress, fewer human errors and a better quality of the job done. And, in the end, it brings comfort for the owners and decision makers, who can gain a competitive advantage at lower costs.


Easy cleaning

One driver can thoroughly clean the whole body in about 30 minutes. How is that possible?


VEIT trucks feature ...

  • flat floor with no channels or covers. There are no problematic places where germs could hide.

  • roof panels that open within seconds, no tool required. Behind the panels there are only flat, uncomplicated surfaces.

  • water-proof fans that can be easily pressure-washed and disinfected.

  • all components of the interior made of noncorrosive materials.

  • every part of the system readily accessible.

> See how you can save money thanks to a shorter cleaning time



Intelligent control

The setting and maintaining of the specific climate inside the body is automatic. A wireless control unit located in the driver´s cabin intelligently evaluates many input variables to ensure optimal conditions for the chicks and provides a constant overview for the driver and possibly a remote supervisor.



User-friendly operation and maintenance

The whole system is designed to be as intuitive and simple as possible to make regular maintenance easier and more comfortable.


Revolutionary air filters

VEIT filters are comfortably accessed from outside during transport. When the driver is notified by the control unit it only takes two minutes to clean the filters and transport can continue with airflow unrestricted. There is no need to remove the trolleys, stress the chicks and lose precious time on the road.



Veit Fleet Monitor

You are informed in detail and in real-time about your precious cargo. It feels like sitting in the cabin with the driver. Wherever you are, instant information brings you comfort.


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