Easy cleaning

Your drivers will save 30 minutes every time they clean the truck, while the quality of cleaning increases.


Thorough cleaning of the vehicle body after every journey is the most essential task that can prevent an infection outbreak. VEIT vehicles with no places for an infection to hide and with cleaning times reduced to half save you from worries, great expenses and furious farmers.

Our design allows for a better quality of cleaning, comfortable manipulation and greatly reduced cleaning times compared to the competition. One driver can clean the whole body thoroughly in about 30 minutes – a time not even remotely possible with other designs. Just consider: it adds up to more than 10 hours saved every month! And time is money.


Flat floor

Comfortable and fast cleaning with no problematic places where germs could hide. No need to lift the floor covers or to clean a floor channel present in other systems where all the excrement collects. All the sewage leaves the body directly with no residues.


Fast opening panels

All panels can be opened within seconds, no tool required. Flat, uncomplicated surfaces behind the panels make cleaning fast and efficient.


Water-proof fans

Every part of the system is readily accessible. Even the fans themselves can be easily pressure-washed and disinfected for total biosecurity. The same goes for the radiator.


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