MANUAL versus AUTOMATIC electronic poultry scales

Generally it is not possible to say which type is better – manual or automatic. It depends solely on the customer´s needs. If you are not sure which type is more suitable for you, go through the following comparison:


Manual electronic scales

  • Using a manual scale means choosing a sample - for example 100 birds - and putting them manually one by one onto a hooking system. The VEIT scales have many features to make this task as easy as possible.

  • Manual scales are portable, battery driven devices that you can take with you anywhere you like.

  • The weighing must be done at least once a week. You can watch how Cobb USA recommends using an electronic manual scale.

  • The accuracy of 1 gram is unequalled.



Automatic electronic scales

  • An automatic scale is meant to be installed at one place amongst the birds for a longer period of time. The device consists of the scale itself and a hanging platform which the birds jump onto. The scale registers each increase and decrease in weight (as the birds jump onto and from the platform) and records them automatically.

  • Clever algorithms compensate for the weight of dirt accumulating on the platform over time.

  • The automatic scale weighs continuously 24 hours a day, which provides compact data.

  • The acquisition price is higher but considering that no staff is needed to carry out the weighing, the automatic scale can save lots of money on labor costs.

  • As the automatic scale is located at one place in a house the sample of birds is probably not as varied as a sample chosen by staff during manual weighing. It is also a fact that usually lighter birds jump onto the platform more willingly. Special software takes these facts into account but an automatic scale, although more comfortable, will always be slightly less accurate than a manual one; its strength is total automation of the weighing process.



If you are still hesitating whether to get a manual or automatic scale, we are happy to help!

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