As parent stock males have become more difficult to grow uniformly, the major breeders are adding fleshing to a regular weighing routine. Male flock evaluation by weight and visually by flesh scoring is becoming the norm

Fleshing can determine the body conformation, i. e. a tall slim 2 kg male is different than a short dumpy 2 kg male. Lean, well-conditioned males are more active and will complete more mating than heavily fleshed males.

Proper fleshing also plays a role in the ability of hens to lay a high number of eggs. The birds have to build up enough fleshing to deposit fat at the moment of light stimulation.

The BAT 1 poultry scale comes with an easy tool to monitor the fleshing score. Fleshing is determined at the same time when handling the birds during weighing, so it is time effective and convenient. Although fleshing is assessed by humans, precise calculations in the BAT 1 bring accurate and consistent results.



 Important tool in breeding

 Good indicator of bird condition

 More active males

 Prevention of problems with mating and fertility

 Highly productive females mean higher egg production



The fleshing score is stored as an extra information to every weighed bird. The BAT 1 can calculate an average fleshing score and distribution of birds in individual fleshing categories. Complete statistics including the fleshing score can be easily monitored on the scale’s display or in the PC software.




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