VEIT ventilation system

Our unique concept of ventilation is proved by hundreds of satisfied customers. It ensures perfect conditions for the chicks and enables easy maintenance. We use hi-tech computing to model and find the optimal design.



A highly optimised ventilation system with the 3D airflow design is the core of our vehicles. Wide and carefully calculated channels minimize losses from drag and turbulence. The 3D airflow arrangement uses physics to help the air to move effectively in all three dimensions – down, sideways through the boxes and upwards thanks to convection while simultaneously progressing to the rear thanks to pressure gradient. This creates helical streamlines passing through each and every point in the inner space, so that every single chick gets the right amount of filtered, conditioned and CO2 monitored air. The airflow is constantly mixed with fresh air and once it reaches the rear exhaust vent, it leaves the body or recirculates to conserve energy. This exceptional design uses a body with a simple, flat floor and a light roof channel that you can open in seconds and clean easily.



The principle of the 3D airflow design is to employ natural phenomena to assist the fans and to distribute the air evenly. This would not be feasible without scientific simulations we carried out together with the Technical university. Months of computing, testing and fine-tuning resulted in the 2nd generation ventilation system – the most reliable and efficient ventilation with perfect temperature uniformity and increased safety margin.

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