Savings with VEIT trucks

Thanks to enormous savings compared to our competitors you can save money for another truck during the lifetime of your VEIT truck.



Savings with VEIT comparing to the conventional solution of VEIT's competitors are huge and almost unbelievable. That´s no empty claim, it´s a fact. Just calculate it for yourself!

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What makes VEIT trucks more economical?


Lower fuel consumption

Thanks to the EcoTransport technology, the fuel consumption in a VEIT truck is about 20 % lower than with other professional day-old chick transport. Unlike all the others, the VEIT system smartly uses the truck´s engine to heat and ventilate the body. Consequently, an additional diesel engine, a generator and a separate heating unit can be switched off half of the time saving 3.5 to 5 liters of fuel per hour.


Savings on cleaning time

The fact is that you save a minimum of 30 minutes when cleaning the VEIT vehicle compared to its competitors. How much do you pay for 30 minutes' work? How much can you save in a week? In a month, a year or 10 years? It´s good to think forward.


Lower costs for maintenance and service

The EcoTransport technology brings not only lower consumption but also significantly lower wear of vital internal components. Besides, there is also a well thought-out, smart simplicity to VEIT systems that ensures less frequent maintenance and service. With VEIT you can take care of your vehicle thoroughly and yet economically.


Light body

The VEIT technology is lightweight, which means that the vehicles are swift, well-manoeuvrable and have even lower consumption. External parts like the chassis, the truck´s engine, the suspension and the tyres wear out more slowly and last longer. That fits in perfectly with the whole concept of VEIT system and helps you to save money.

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