EcoTransport technology

Original, revolutionary, much talked about and above all: a working system to cut your costs.

The true VEIT hallmark – an ingenious and yet simple idea. Implemented after careful development and tested throughout the decades. A robust solution to save your money. That is EcoTransport.


The benefits of EcoTransport

  • 20% lower consumption

  • Lower maintenance costs, because of significantly lower wear of vital components

  • Better reliability as the truck´s engine supplies natural backup (even more backup options available)

  • Lower environmental pollution


Nothing ventured, plenty gained

EcoTransport is not a substitute for a strong solution, but a sophisticated addition to an already powerful system, which comes for free in all VEIT trucks. VEIT vehicles include all the standard parts that are used in vehicles for day-old chick transport, such as a diesel engine, a generator and a separate heating unit. But thanks to the EcoTransport technology, these units can be switched off half of the time, saving 3.5 to 5 liters of fuel every hour. Besides, as the heating and ventilation systems are both effectively doubled, EcoTransport provides a natural backup solution – with no weight added and coming as standard equipment!


How does it work?


The two principles behind the EcoTransport technology are:

  1. Recycling waste heat from the truck´s engine

  2. Using the electricity generated by the truck´s engine


With the EcoTransport system, the truck´s engine is connected to the heating system and the waste heat from the engine is used to heat the chicks. In most cases the heat from the engine is enough, so the separate heating unit stays switched off.

When the waste heat from the engine is insufficient, the separate heating unit starts automatically. It will then be switched off as soon as the truck´s engine is able to heat the chicks on its own again.

The same applies to the electricity. When the truck´s engine is running, it continuously generates 24 Volt electricity for the lights and other electronic equipment installed in the truck. Thanks to a carefully optimized ventilation system, this 24 V high-current electricity is more than enough to power the fans, so the auxiliary engine and generator can be stopped. The separate generator needs to be running only when cooling or when the truck´s engine is stopped.

Additionally, the ventilation system can be powered by backup batteries for up to 4 hours, which increases safety significantly.

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