MECHANICAL versus ELECTRONIC poultry scales

Why would you want to use obsolete mechanical scales when electronic ones give you so much more precision, information and comfort? All that in a fraction of a second? In spite of the initial investment, with profesional electronic scales you get so many advantages that in the end it is the mechanical scales that are more expensive.

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It is quite clear which scales are better for your business. However, just for the sake of clarity, let us compare the “incomparable”:


Mechanical scales

  • Not designed for weighing live poultry. With only an ordinary hook you have to use some kind of basket to place the poultry in.

  • A user must guess the right moment to read the weight of a moving bird.

  • Accuracy is never as good as with electronic scales.

  • You can´t find out details of the weighing, there is no evidence and record keeping.

  • The only thing the scale provides is the weight of the currently weighed bird. The user must calculate all statistics by himself.

  • Mechanical scales can be only manual – you have to put the birds manually on the hook.

  • It takes two people to weigh the birds and to record the results or it takes twice as long for one person


VEIT electronic scales (both manual and automatic)

  • Designed specially for live poultry. With special hooks and platforms the poultry is not stressed, the weighing is faster and easier.

  • When the bird calms down, the scale records its weight immediately.

  • Accuracy is very high.

  • It is not possible to deceive VEIT scales. Each record of a weighed bird includes the exact date and time of weighing, which makes it possible to trace back the process of weighing, among other things the speed of weighing, the number of birds weighed etc. This way, staff can also be monitored.

  • There are plenty of functions designed specially for weighing poultry. The weight of each bird is recorded into memory. The scales register the number of birds weighed, they give you the average weight, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, uniformity and histograms. You can easily transfer all this information into your PC and with our unique PC software you can work with it further. The software creates graphs and growth curves, it can compare the performance of various flocks, archive all data and much more.

  • You can choose between manual and automatic weighing. VEIT offers manual model BAT1 and automatic model BAT2.

Not only is the electronic scale faster, it is also more comfortable and easier to work with; and thanks to the time saved, it is also much more economical. But above all it gives you data that are vitally important for your business and that you can only dream of with the mechanical scale.

With electronic poultry scales the running costs are lower and profits are higher.




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How long does one weighing of 100 chicks take?


With mechanical scale                                                     35 minutes

  • The weighing takes 15 min., but two people are needed for the job – one weighs, the other writes down the results. 2 x 15 min. = 30 min.

  • Calculating the required statistics takes another 5 minutes.


With electronic manual scale BAT1                               15 minutes

  • Only one person can do the job comfortably because the scale stores results automatically.

  • The statistics are calculated automatically.


With electronic automatic scale BAT2                           0 minutes

  • No staff is needed either for the weighing or for calculating the statistics. Everything is done automatically. And you get the statistics every day.


That makes savings of 20 minutes with BAT1 and 35 minutes with BAT2 on only one weighing. Considering a weekly weighing on a farm with 10 houses you will get these savings:


Number of weighing

Savings with manual scale BAT1

Savings with automatic scale BAT2

1 weighing on a whole farm

200 min. / €33.3

350 min. / €58.3

weekly weighing in 1 year

€1 732

€3 032

weekly weighing in 5 years

€8 660

€15 160

weekly weighing in 10 years

€17 320

€30 320


These significant savings come solely from working time reductions. Consider other benefits related to decision-making and planning based on valuable and precise information obtained by electronic weighing.

Note: Calculated on a salary of €10 / 1 hour.

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