Manual scale BAT1

Used all over the world, BAT1 is clearly the top performer in today´s manual weighing. To optimize production and maximize profit, large numbers of production specialists and managers rely on the data collected and supplied by BAT1 scales. You too will love it!



 One scale for all birds

BAT1 can be used to weigh all types of poultry, from day-old chicks to heavy turkeys – always with the 1 gram resolution.

 Handy design

Smartly designed, lightweight scale BAT1 brings intuitive control, easy manipulation, comfortable and fast work.

 Large graphic display

The backlight high resolution display can show more detailed information than common scales and is easy to read. You can choose from several modes of displaying the information.

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 Internal speaker

The scale contains an internal speaker, which beeps every time a new bird is stored into memory. It is a clear signal to put another bird on the hook and makes work as fast and fluent as possible.

 Internal clock

Each record of a bird stored into memory contains the exact date and time of weighing.

 Powerful battery

A modern Li-Ion rechargeable battery with a battery life up to 27 hours makes BAT1 a portable device. You can charge the scale from the mains, from a PC using a USB port or in a car.

 Wide range of languages

The firmware, PC software and user manual - all translated into 14 languages. Choose the one you prefer.

 Model for extremely heavy birds

The standard BAT1 is made for a maximum weight of 30 kg, which is usually more than enough. For demanding customers who work with heavier poultry we have a special variant of the BAT1 weighing up to 50 kg.


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